Surrounded by nature, Pula Adventure Park is an amusement park made of “aerial paths“ placed at different heights from the ground.
With help of lianas, ropes, Tibetan bridges, zip-lines, nets and catwalks you can pass from a tree to another in total security.
To do this activities you must: have good mental and physical conditions, not have heart diseases, not drink alcohol or assume substances and medicines that alter your mental status.

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The territory of Pula

The idea to create Pula Adventure Park was born by the project of environment heritage reconstruction inside the territory “La Pineta”.
The park is extended about 13000 mq and it’s situated between “Piscina Manna forest” and the Sites of Community Importance (SCI) ITB042231 “Forte Village” and “Perla Marina”. The territory is
characterized by the presence of “Pino Domestico” ( Domestic Pine) and/or “ Pino Marittimo” ( Maritime Pine) , instead, behind the sandy dunes we can find the “ Ravastrello Marittimo” (Maritime Sea Rocket),
“L’Eringio Marino” (The Marine Sea Holly) and the “Pancazio” or “ Giglio di Mare” ( Sea Lily).
Here we can see Tyrrhenian lizards and typical migrant mediterranean birds such as: Hoopoes and Song Thrushes that regularly stop during their passage.
Lovers of nature, young explorers or simply the more curious can also look for the numerous holes dug by rabbits that live in the zone.
This park is the perfect union between exercise, fun and respect for nature. After a hard work, why not take advantage to dip yourself in the crystallin sea, or simply to take a rest in the white thin sand beach located just 100 m. from the park entrance?

Highway 195, km 39900, 09010 Santa Margherita of Pula (CA)
About 50 mt. from the sea.