The Pula Adventure Park Regulations in Sardinia

For The Safeguarding Of Your Security

Entering in the acrobatic routes positioned at different meters from the soil, implies the respect of a series peremptory rules and recommendations.

The activities take place entirely in the nature, this means that could be present outcropping elements like stones and branches, sudden changes in floor level and little dry stone walls.

The respect of the signals and the trails tracked it’s very important for the individual safe.

It’s severely forbidden to smoke inside the borders of the adventure park

It Is Allowed To Enter In The Paths Only To:

  1. Guests with the ticket.
  2. People who have a good health, so , not have heart diseases or / and disorders that limit their abilities.
  3. People who not have assumed substances that alter their behaviors (drugs, alcohol medicines… ).
  4. People who wear adequate clothes, in particular, are requests walking shoes and / or sneakers.
  5. Are strictly banned: flip flops, clogs or any types of open shoes.
  6. If you have long hairs you’d better tie them.
  7. Also, is not permitted the access of pregnant women.
  8. We have undersigned for full acceptance of this regulation (in own and/or as accompanist of minors) .

Ticket price Include

  1. Use of the park facilities.
  2. Rent of the PPE (personal protective equipment) for a period of max 2 hours and thirty minutes
    (the briefing is included). Those who don’t respect the limits will have to pay 5 Euros every 15 minutes of late.
  3. Safety techniques briefing and assistance by the staff of the park, followed by control of the degree of learning content.
  4. The Supervision by the instructors and, if is necessary, their help.

Before Starting It Is Compulsory:

  1. Take part to the briefing on the PPE use and on the progression and safety techniques, independently from the knowledge level of this activity by the user.
  2. Try the progression techniques in the didactic route (practice route); if someone is not considered ready or suitable, the instructors can choose to exclude or to repeat the training session.

You are warranters of your security in consideration of this particular activity. 

The Acrobatic Routes Of Our Park

  1. Children paths – yellow, orange, approachable to height children from 110 to 140 cm under surveillance of an adult who participate to the learning briefing.
  2. Adults paths – green, blue, red, speedline, approachable from people at a height greater 140
    cm; the underages will have to be mandatory and constantly accompanied by an adult.

The Routes

  1. People must scrupulously follow the instructions, in particular they have to stay hook at the safe cable (Lifelines signs with red tape).
  2. Schools and groups have to go under the organizer responsibility.
  3. On the platforms can stop max 3 people.
  4. On the games and on the stairs can pass only one person per time.
  5. It’s forbidden to swing or to shake voluntarily games.
  6. It’s forbidden to throw objects from the platforms.
  7. It’s forbidden to stop or / and pass under the routes.
  8. It’s severely forbidden to smoke on the routes, to use the phones, cameras or sound diffusion devices.

Furthermore We Reminder You That:

  1. The emission of the tickets takes place until 2 hours before the sunset
  2. The activities in the park are practiced when doesn’t rain.
  3. In case of unexpected storm, the practice will be interrupted and it will restart only when the rain stops
  4. People who have bad behaviours that could damage themselves or other, will be turned away from the instructors without any repay.
  5. The Pula adventure park doesn’t take any responsibility for any accidents caused by the people’s negligence .
  6. With this regulation it allows to use for free: photos, movies or registrations made at prom–optional and advertising purpose.