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Adventure Courses for Children, Teens, and Adults

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Our Courses in details

Baby Course: Suitable for children below 1.1m

Adult supervision required

Located  50 cm above the park floor. 

Difficulty: ♦

Yellow and OrangeCourse: 

Suitable for children between 1.1m and 1.4m tall

Adult supervision  required.

Located 1.5m above the park floor.

Both courses end with a breathtaking sea view zipline. 

Difficulty: ♦♦

Mini Green Course:  for adults and children equal to 1.4m tall or over.

It features two different platform heights: one at 3m above the park floor and one at  50 cm.  

Difficulty: ♦♦

Green Course: Accessible to people taller than 1.4m.

Platforms are all about three meters high. 

It features a breathtaking sea view zipline. 

Difficulty: ♦♦♦

Blue Course: Accessible to people taller than 1.4m The platforms are all about 5 meters high. A difficult one to test your nerve and head for heights. 

Difficulty: ♦♦♦

Red Course: Accessible to people  taller than 1.4m. The platforms are all about 9 meters high.Technically very difficult, it starts with a vertical ladder where arms and legs are engaged, all steps are challenging. It features a thrilling snowboard slalom. 

Difficulty: ♦♦♦♦

Zipline: Accessible to people taller than 1.40m.

The zipline guarantees maximum fun, all steps are performed with a pulley. Starting platforms are located about 3 meters and even 11 meters above the park floor.

Difficulty: ♦♦♦

Our staff will check participant height and determine which activity suits you best. Our activities can also be performed by disabled participants with the help of our staff, subject to instructors availability. Please contact us in advance may you require additional assistance.



h < 1.1m

  • Baby Course
  • Lillo House


1.1m > h < 1.4m

  • Training Course 
  • Yellow Course 
  • Orange Course 
  • Mini Green Course


h > 1.4m

  • Training Course 
  • Mini Green Course 
  • Green Course 
  • Blu Course 
  • Red Course 
  • Zipline & Super Final Zipline