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Rules and Procedures

Safety First

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Your safety is important to us

Pula Adventure Park kindly asks all its guests to carefully read and sign the Safety Rules and Procedures upon arrival.


Our Treetop Park consists of physically demanding aerial obstacle courses and there may be a risk of injury when undertaking them. 

To reduce the risk, participants must follow all the instructions set out in the Safety Rules along with all the instructions to be given by the Park staff before and during the Activities.

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside Pula Adventure Park.

You can take part in the Activities if:

  1. You re in good mental and physical conditions
  2. You have no heart disease or any other disease that may limit your abilities
  3. You are not under the influence of alcohol or legal or illegal substances
  4. You are no pregnant.
  5. You wear suitable clothing and footwear. Sneakers or trekking shoes are required.
  6. No open-toe shoes, flip flops or sandals will be permitted on any activity.
  7. Long hair should be tied back
  8. You have signed these rules for yourself or on behalf of the children you are looking after.
  9. You have paid the ticket.

Ticket price includes:

  1. Use of our facilities.
  2. PPE rental (Personal Protective Equipment)
  3. Instructors supervision and instructor intervention if needed.
  4. Safety Training Briefing, followed by a practice course and test

Before accessing the courses it is mandatory to:

  1. Participate in the briefing on PPE use and progression and safety techniques regardless of whether you are already a pro.
  2. Test progression techniques on the practice course; our instructors reserve the right to ask you to repeat the test if not carried out correctly and to exclude participants who are not considered suitable for the activities.

You are ultimately responsible for your own  safety and are aware of the risks this activity may  involve

Our Courses

  1. Children Courses – Yellow and Orange: accessible to children between 1.1m and 1.4m tall under the supervision of a responsible adult who participated in the briefing.
  2. Adult courses – Green, Blue, Red and Zipline: accessible to people over 1.4m tall; minors must be compulsorily and constantly supervised by an adult.


  1. Participants must strictly observe the instructions given. You must remain constantly attached to the safety cable (Life Line marked with red tape).
  2. Schools and groups participate under their organizer responsibility.
  3. A maximum of three people on a  platform.
  4. Only one person on a crossing.
  5. Voluntary swinging or shaking the crossings is prohibited.
  6. It is forbidden to throw objects from the platforms.
  7. It is forbidden to stop and pass under the courses and ziplines.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to smoke on the courses, use mobile phones, cameras and sound diffusion devices.

Please note:

  1. Tickets are issued up to two hours before sunset.
  2. Our Adventure Park activities are performed in the absence of rain. In the event of a sudden storm, the activities are suspended and resumed once it stops raining. Should the rain cause the park closure and the activity to halt one hour after starting – a new entry will be honored.
  3. Our instructors reserve the right to ask participants to leave the Park in case of inconsiderate behavior that could endanger their own safety or others. No refund will be given.
  4. Pula Adventure Park assumes no responsibility in the event of accidents caused by participants negligence or caused by failure to comply with safety rules and procedures.
  5. By signing this waiver, the management is allowed to use photos, videos and recordings that are made for promotional and advertising purposes, without any compensation.